Brother Printer Setup, Installation and configuration

How to setup Brother Printer?

Brother printer setup, how to install or uninstall Brother printer driver. Configure the setting of brother printer. Connect Brother printer Wi-Fi or laptop or computer. Access Brother printer account login and setup your device to recognize and detect brother printer wirelessly. 

If unable to connect brother printer or Brother keeps going offline, or brother printer driver update failed indicating may be Brother printer is not done correctly. 

Learn easy steps to connect brother printer to Wi-Fi on Windows or Mac devices. Installation of Brother printer from start or unboxing. And Brother printer setup, and start printing wirelessly. Learn how to connect brother printer to laptop or Wi-Fi and configure your printer. Make sure you have all the components, such as the toner cartridge, phone cable, data cable, and CD player. Use only real inks to get the most out of your printer. Follow these quick instructions to unlock the Brother printer machine.

Steps to Unbox Brother Printer

To unbox Brother Printer Setup, follow the instructions.

  • Remove the cover from the package box.
  • Unpack the manual and other supplies.
  • Unpack the assembly CD, power supply, cover strips, and phone cables.
  • Take the device out of its box and remove the covering tape.
  • Open the Brother printer’s front cover and remove the storage, toner cartridge and drum unit from the printer.
  • Remove the other packing safety things from the drum unit.
  • Install the toner cartridge and cover the Brother printer.
Steps to Unbox Brother Printer, To unbox Brother Printer Setup, follow the instructions.

Brother Printer Driver Download & Install

Download and install the Brother printer driver from the company’s website. Follow the instructions on the page to run the installed driver and perform various tasks such as printing or viewing. Brother printer setup can be installed on Windows, MAC and Linux.

Brother Hl l2320d wireless printer setup​, connect brother printer to wireless

Brother Hl l2320d wireless printer setup

Follow these instructions to configure your Brother HL L2320D wireless printer.

Make sure your printer and Brother HL L2320D are connected to the same Wi-Fi SSID.

Download the Brother printer driver from the company website or insert the Brother HL L2320D driver CD into your computer if your computer has a CD driver.

Brother Hl L2320d Setup by following user Manual

Configure Brother HL L2320d according to user instructions: The Brother HL L2320D User’s Guide walks you through the brother printer setup guides. The user manual is usually bundled with the printer. In case you lost the printer manual, you can get it from the official website of the printer.

Brother Hl L2320d Setup by following user Manual

How to Brother Wireless Printer Setup?

Using a Brother printer, users have the advantage to print their material wirelessly using a laptop or a notebook. For wireless printing, you can control your Brother’s printing. You need to know and understand how to setup or install the wireless brother printer and where are the right keys to press.

Steps to Brother Wireless Printer Setup

  • Power on your computer and router.
  • After this, switch on the Brother printer.
  • Look for the Brother printer menu for setup or installation options.
  • Continue setting up your Brother wireless printer on the network. and click the “WLAN” button. Then click “Configure Wizard”.
  • Press Enter when the message “Network I / F key for wireless connection” appears in the window.
  • Now look at your listed network and press the “Enter” key. Find the type of anchor symbol and click “Enter” again.


Steps to Brother Wireless Printer Setup

Brother Printer Wi-Fi Setup OR setup brother printer as Wi-Fi access point

You can use the broadcaster’s Wi-Fi service via direct connection. Wireless Direct allows you to directly connect the printer to your computer or mobile device without a Wi-Fi access point / router, using the printer as a Wi-Fi access point.

First, verify that a printer state driver is not present. Use a Windows PC or Mac to check status while connected to a mobile device.

Brother printer setup as WiFi For Windows PC- Steps

  • See Connect the printer to a computer with a USB cable. Launch the Printer Setting Tool on your computer and click Settings. This identifies the selected interface as the one selected in the General tab.
  • Now stop the printer (Wi-Fi) and hold for a second to activate the Wi-Fi function.
  • When the Wi-Fi function is enabled, the blue light flashes for three seconds.
  • You can use your computer or laptop to select the SSID of the printer and enter the text.
  • The (Wi-Fi) signal lights up blue when the connection is established.
  • You have successfully completed the Brother printer setup with Wi-Fi devices.
Steps To Setup Brother printer as WiFi For Windows PC Brother Printer Wi-Fi Setup OR setup brother printer as Wi-Fi access point
How to Connect Brother Printer to Laptop?

How to Connect Brother Printer to Laptop?

  • Turn on the WiFi router and laptop.
  • Then turn on the Brother printer. Then find Brother’s printer listing.
  • After this, visit the connection option and click on WiFi and then on the signal option.
  • Now press Enter and the wireless toggled Network I/F options will appear in your window.
  • Then navigate for network and press Enter. Also get the connection type encryption and hit Enter again.

How to Find Out the Network Security Name & Key?

  • Check the current WiFi router and login page.
  • Check the WLAN router database and available space.
  • The boot network name can be an instance name or a manufacturer name.

Configure Wireless Brother Printer to Set up Wireless Settings Via Control Panel

  • Connect the power cord to the printer first and then the power cord to the power source.
  • Click on the list.
  • Press the up and down arrows to select the network and then press OK after selecting the network.
  • Select WiFi and then the OK button.
  • The setup wizard starts as soon as the wireless network is available.
Configure Wireless Brother Printer to Set up Wireless Settings Via Control Panel
How to turn offline Brother printer To Online? Why is my brother printer keeps going offline? Brother printer offline

Brother printer Offline Issue

How to turn offline Brother printer To Online?

  • Follow the steps to change the offline status of the printer. 
  • First go to the Start button on the desktop. 
  • Click “Devices and Printers” option. 
  • Find your Brother printer in the list. 
  • Printing and adjustment with the right mouse button will not be possible.
  • Brother printer setup as default, to fix brother printer offline error.
Why is my brother printer keeps going offline?

Do not print with offline printer. This includes network connection of the printer, powering up the video cable, replacing the network router and drivers, etc.

Can't setup Brother printer or installation or configuration Brother printer failed- Solved

Fix Brother printer setup or other printing error

    1. If vertical streaks appear on your printouts, make sure the scanner glass is not dirty.
        In this case, clean the scanner glass with a clean litter brush.
    2. If there is any printed paper, make sure it is loaded correctly in the correct tray.
    3. If the Brother printer is not printing or the Brother printer not taking “print” or “ctrl+P” command, see the instructions below.
      • Make sure your Brother printer is turned on and there is enough paper on the main shelf.
      • Check the connection between the printer and the computer.
      • If you have connected the printer to the computer over a wireless network, make sure the Wi-Fi router is turned on and the power signal is correct.
      • If printing stops automatically, click the Job button in the print control area.

Why Brother printer not printing or connecting to system?

One of the most common questions people want to know is why my Brother’s printer not connected to the computer or not printing at all. 

Why Brother printer not printing or connecting to system?


  • One of the most common causes of this problem is brother printer driver error.
  • Brother printer setup is not done properly, or brother printer doesn’t connect to Wi-Fi or devices.
  • Another possible cause is that the printer is not install or “On” properly.
  • Changes have been made to print or edit component settings.
  • There is a network connection or an improperly designed network.

Reset Brother Printer or Restore factory System setting

  • Click the “Apple” icon, then click “System Preferences.”
  • On the System Settings screen, select Printers and Scanners.
  • Now, on the next page that appears, right-click on “Printer” and then click “Restart Printer” in the dialog that appears.
  • A pop-up prompt window will open on the screen, prompting for your confirmation. Click reset to continue.
  • A unique administrator ID and password may be required. In this case, enter and the system output will be RESET.
Reset Brother Printer or Restore factory System setting

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